Hyperion's Echo

An echo of the Hyperion's true name sounds across the battlefield, healing your team.

LightningStrike Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Healing 300 400 500
Mana Cost 200 250 300
Cooldown(s) 50 50 50

Astaroth's Echo

An echo of the Astaroth's true name sounds across the battlefield, damaging your enemies. 

ElectricCharge Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage 300 400 500
Mana Cost 300 400 500
Cooldown(s) 75 75 75


Ulreth the Tower stood beside Lord Hyperion, the banners of his tribe streamed proudly from his golden helm in twin rivulets of black and white silk. Together, Ulreth and Hyperion surveyed the shattered battlefield below, even now awash in the gore of the fallen minions of Astaroth, struck down by the armies of Light.

As he spoke, Ulreth clasped the Horn of Power in a gauntleted fist, "The deed is done Lord Hyperion. My master requests what he is owed." The gleaming Titan looked down at Ulreth the Tower, servant of Balance and nodded. "You may tell my brother Titan that I will come when he calls." The Titan spoke then, uttering a word that was like the song of a thousand mornings: the Titan's true name. Ulreth held the horn aloft and captured the sound and, with a salute to the Titan and a clap of thunder, disappeared.

When Balance's servant reappeared, he was a world away, atop a spire overlooking a river of molten rock. Lord Astaroth sat on a throne of flames, the flow of lava as a red carpet leading to his baleful perch. "Come to gloat, Ulreth? Come to tell me of your victory beside cursed Hyperion?"
Ulreth dropped down to stand in front of the Titan. The smile on his face was cruel. "You were told the price and refused to pay it, Lord Astaroth. The question is, will you pay it now? The war rages on..." Ulreth bowed in a mockery of invitation, the Horn of Power in his hand.

Astaroth fumed, muttering curses on his brother, the TItan of Balance, but finally the demon nodded his assent. When he next spoke, the word he spoke was as the roar of a thousand fires echoing from an impossible depth, as if the heart of the world itself screamed with rage. It was the Titan's true name and as before, Ulreth the Tower captured its sound with his Horn of Power...

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