Summons an aetherfly swarm that seeks out the closest enemy.

An aetherfly swarm seeks out the closest enemy.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage  80 95 110
DoT Damage / S 10 15 20
DoT Duration (s) 3 3 3
Armor Reduction Chance (%) 20 20 20
Mana Cost 24 24 24
Cool Down (s) 1 1 1

Nari's Haven

The world Tree, Nari, extends one of its many branches, sheltering the Tanglewing and restoring health and vigor.

Nari extends a branch to shelter the dragon.

Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Health 2000 2500 3000
AoE Damage / s 15 20 25
DoT Damage /s  10 15 20
DoT Durations (s) 3 3 3
Healing / s 18 24 30
Damage Increase Amount (+%) 20 25 30
Mana Cost 400 400 400
Cool Down (s) 25




Many kings and empires have attempted to tame the wild forest known as the Brambleholt, but in the centuries since the Kil'nari came to settle there, no other power has ever succeeded. The secret at the untamed heart of the Brambleholt is Nari, the World Tree and the brood of dragons it harbors, the Tanglewing brood.

The story is the same, though the names of the armies change: Hundreds of soldiers march into the Brambleholt and one, maybe two, march out. They talk of the trees themselves lashing out at them, striking men down. Even the supposedly harmless aetherflies turn against them, biting and stinging and burning them down. It's a kind of madness that takes the survivors; they can never again see a forest without trembling in fear and seldom leave the keeps and villages that shelter them. Of course, their mad tales hold a grain of truth.

As Tanglewings age, they take on aspects of the tree that harbors them; their skin becomes rough and barken and their frill becomes more like the canopy of the tree, offering them perfect camouflage in their native environment. This is the smallest of their advantages; as a species they are steeped in the natural magic of Nari, the world tree. The tree will bend its limbs to protect a Tanglewing or cut off the escape of its prey and the aetherflies that live within the tree are equally ready to lend their lives and power to the fate of these dragons. In exchange, most Tanglewings never leave the tree. Instead they spend their lives hunting among its branches, keeping threats away from the great Nari.

It is these dragons that have spelled the doom for every force that has tried to tame the Brambleholt. They are the source of every tale of flying trees and murderous aetherflies that has plagued the campaigns of kings and the nightmares of madmen alike. They are the terror in the treetops, the guardians of Nari.