speed -40 low
attack-40 average
defence-80 max


Boulder Breath

The dragon ‘spits’ a massive boulder at its foes like a cannonball. The boulder will ricochet around the field until it shatters.

Spits a boulder that ricochets when it hits something, dealing damage.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage / 1 projectile 150 225 300
Mana Cost / Tick 28 32 36
Cool Down (s) 1 1 1


The Stonepeak curls up into a hill of rocky armor, absorbing most damage. Prevents the use of abilities, however spells are still available.

Prevents use of abilities, but absorbs most damage.

Level 1 Level 2

Level 3

Duration (s) 5 7 9
Damage Reduction Amount (%) 98 98 98
Mana Cost 150 200 250
Cool Down (s) 25




The stone-skinned beasts we call Stonepeak Dragons often seem crazy in comparison to other dragon broods. They appear to have no hierarchy, hurling their boulders - and their gargantuan bodies - at each other as often as at their prey, but it's no surprise for beasts so young to behave such. You see. these are not dragons, but dragon whelps! They are a mere shade of the behemoths they will become, in the fullness of time.

As Hetman Tharenvald put it, "The iron we mine for our swords once coursed as blood through a Stonepeak dragon's veins. Oh sure, as younglings they're relatively small - about the size of a small barn, but as they get older, they get bigger and bigger! The time comes when these massive beasts can't take to the skies again and the gold and iron in their veins begins to cool. When that time comes, the Stonepeak dragon lays down to sleep its final sleep, coming to rest in the forms you see as you look to those jagged peaks where the stonekin burrow in search of gems and metal. That's right lad, they aren't Dragons from the mountain; those dragons are mountains!"

The alpine clans have known for years that the Stonepeak dragons are both blessing and curse to the region. When young they scour their territories in search of food and precious metals, but where a Hellfire hordes, a Stonepeak dragon gorges: The treasure they capture is food for the forge; fuel for their prodigious growth that will transform these stony beasts from rampaging terror to sheltering peaks within their millennia-long lives.


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