Rising Soul
The Bulwark of Mercy


Regen Mana
Fills the bearer with Aethylfire's will, restoring mana over time to the rider.
LightningStrike Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Mana Regen 50 75 100
Frequency (s) 1 1 1
Lifetime (s) 8 8 8
Mana Cost 0 0 0
Cooldown(s) 15 15 15

Mana Well
Creates a destructible well that drains enemy mana, while boosting regen for allies.

ElectricCharge Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Lifetime (s) 10 13 16
Health 800 1000 1200
Mana Regen / Drain (%) 150 175 200
Mana Cost 25 45 60
Cooldown (s) 10 10 10


On a cold night in the time before, a star fell from the heavens toward an abbey of Hyperion. Whether cast by Astaroth's dark machinations, or merely the hand of fate, the burning sphere seemed doomed to crush the abbey upon the Icemarch. As astronomers and priests scratched their beards and fretted, one began a fervent prayer to Hyperion, their patron.

As the meteorite streaked across the sky, a Titan of Hyperion appeared, resplendent in the silver glow of his mighty creator, and with the strength of the heavens, the Titan caught the molten star and brought it safely to earth, where he forged it into a massive maul. The huge hammer was then placed over the altar of the abbey where it stood a mute symbol to the might of Hyperion for a century.

Until the dark day that a horde of vile demons arose to raze the Icemarch, and the Abbey was besieged. The Holy Knights fought bravely to defend their walls, but each fell in turn, until only their oldest warrior, Aethelfyr, known also as the Grey General, was left, and the fighters withdrew beind the Abbey's great doors. For weeks the beasts howled outside the walls, but none could breach the great doors, as though the Hammer's divine influence held the way.

Finally, after weeks of siege, the horde drew back to admit a massive ram, wreathed in unholy fire and hauled by winged heralds of the dark god Astaroth. This they positioned at the gates, and all seemed lost.

Within the abbey, old Aethelfyr wearily strapped his armor, and prayed for deliverance at the altar of his god. As he rose to meet his glorious fate, the Titan forged hammer above the altar burst into brilliant blue light. The aged warrior took up the enormous weapon, and his frail body was filled with the strength of the Titan who long ago had delivered the Abbey from impending doom.
Emboldened, Aethelfyr strode to meet his foes. He threw open the great doors and smashed the unholy ram with a single blow from Rising Soul. The monks of the abbey watched in amazement as the old man, clothed in the might of their lord, clove the ranks of the enemies with each mighty swing of the devastating hammer. Though wave after wave of the beasts surged around him, Aethelfyr would not fall, such was the might of his faith, and the power of the Bulwhark of Mercy.

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