Sentinels of the Greymount
Max Health 2550
HP Regen 35
Max Mana 1300
Mana Regen 44
Gold 1600
Speed 118
Role Striker



Falling as swiftly as a stone, the Rimrock crashed into his foe, knocking them from the sky.

Rimrock dashes forward with high speed, damaging and slowing all foes it came in contact with. Rimrock can maneuver fairly easy and the ability can also be use evasively.

Landslide Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage/hit 100 140 180
Slow 20% 30% 40%
Slow Duration(s) 4 4 4
Speed 456 456 456
Duration(s) 5 5 5
Mana Cost 100 125 150
Cooldown(s) 10 8.5 7

The stony horns of the Rimrock brood are hard enough to pierce stone and steel alike, providing constant damage to all that they come in contact.

Rimrock passively attacks all frontal enemies by striking them with its horns. Cost no Mana, but lacks attack range area.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Horn Damage /tick 35 50 70 90
Mana Cost/tick 0 0 0 0
Frequency(s) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5


  • Rimrocks are not suited to turretting! Although it is possible, the Rimrock's melee attack and Landslide attack are difficult to concentrate on one stationary target like a turret. Focus on crushing minions!
  • Lumbering Fool - Rimrock is slower than many other dragons, don't be tricked into chasing enemies into bad situations!
  • But Surprisingly Fast When Angered - Make sure you have lined up with your target well before using Landslide. When an opponent is fleeing, line up and nail them!
  • Mass at Velocity - Pair Rimrock with Truth's Charge to crush your opponents with an additional charge, and enhanced damage.


From the storm-torn peaks of the Greymount come the brutish Rimrock brood. Though stubborn as the stone they nest upon, a Rimrock dragon makes a stolid battle mount for any Rider. Each Rimrock clutch is reared in the endless storms that scour the peaks of the ancient Greymount range, the so-called "Spine of the World.

Rimrock dragons are fearless, standing strong in the face of even the fierecest enemy. They are armed with a natural crown of wicked horns, and with more bone than brain in their massive heads. Rimrock dragons will often recklessly smash into prey, knocking it out of the sky. Hence, Riders that favor dragons of this brood often have custom saddles to stabilize them when their mounts crash into their enemies, as the impacts can carry the force of a thunderclap.


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