The Chill Terror
Max Health 2350
HP Regen 35
Max Mana 1300
Mana Regen 44
Gold 1600
Speed 106
Role Fighter, Support


Frost Breath

The Frostbanes main attack is a cone of icy wind, the deepest breath of the Frostbane, which slows the dragons prey, preventing escape

Frost Breath Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage/s 140 190 240
Slow Amount(%) 20 25 30
Mana Cost/tick 1 1 1
Cooldown(s) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Ice Shard

Frostbane spits a projectile of pure ice at its target that shatters on impact into smaller shards, striking nearby enemies, as well.

Ice Shard Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Crystal Damage 60 80 100
Explosion Damage 50 60 70
Shard Damage 150 200 250
Mana Cost 60 80 100
Cooldown(s) 2 2 2
  • Ice Shard doesn't pierce enemies  
  • 6 Shards are produced after the explosion, lasts for 4 seconds and deals damage once per cast per enemy. Consumed when touched by enemies who haven't taken damage from them yet, but can be pushed around by allies and self.


  • You are a juggernaut...once you're built up - Don't let the Frostbane's size fool you. They start a match weaker than you might expect. Invest heavily to build up their health in the early game.
  • Leave no survivors - Frost Breath slightly slows your enemies making Frostbane well suited to running down those that hope to flee the battle without paying the price.
  • Use Ice Shard like a grenade or depth charge - Ice Shard explodes into fragments, hitting things around it. It's perfect for getting damage into a knot of enemies, or for driving them in the direction you prefer.
  • Pair with Rising Soul - Frost Breath is a potent weapon, but it uses a lot of mana. The mana regen offered by Rising Soul is perfect for fights in the lane, while the mana well is useful in the fight around turrets, shrines and obelisks.


Born in the glaciers of Far Shore, beneath the Green Curtain's glow, the Frostbane are brutish brawlers that challenge even the strongest rider.

To the barbarians of Far Shore, nothing is more terrifying than the birthing of a new clutch of Frostbane dragons. These glacial wyrms are born deep in the ice and begin to eat their way through the ice to the surface. Whole villages are lost as the glaciers beneath them crumble to reveal the toothy maws of these massive dragons.

The cold itself is their weapon of choice. From the chilling cone of their Frost Breath that will freeze a warrior dead in his tracks to the way they spit shards of ice as projectiles at passing long boats, they are the bane of the barbarians of the frozen north, but also the inspiration for the designs of their longboats. The barbarians respect nothing more than they do power and there is little on this plane that can rival a full-grown Frostbane in raw power.


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