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Welcome to the Dragons and Titans Wikia! Ride your dragon to victory! The battle of all ages begins now in this social MOBA.
Dragons and Titans is a MOBA\DOTA style browser based game where players compete in 5v5 battles with dragons to free their trapped Titan. Dragons and Titans is a free to play browser game built requiring the Unity3D plugin for both Mac and PCs. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are the supported web browsers. Play on Facebook!
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Official Youtube channel
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May 5 - May 12
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  • Icemaul - 4/16/2014Go to Icemaul
  • Gemtalon - 1/30/2014Go to Gemtalon
  • Goldenclaw - 12/24/2013Go to Goldenclaw
  • Blood Thief - 11/27/2013Go to Blood Thief
  • Dragokin - 9/25/2013Go to Dragokin
  • Bogwraith - 9/11/2013Go to Bogwraith
  • Briartove - 8/28/2013Go to Briartove
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Official Facebook page

Official Twitter stream

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