Max Health 1950
HP Regen 44
Max Mana 3000
Mana Regen 44
Gold 1600
Speed 118


Unholy Mist

The unholy mist of despair that a Direbone breathes at its enemies pours forth from the gaping may where its heart should be, stealing the life of its enemies.

Breathes a cloud of despair forward that damages enemies and steals health.

Landslide Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage/s 120 170 220
Life Steal(%) 75 75 75
Mana Cost/tick 3 3 3
Cooldown(s) 0.1 0.1 0.1
Bone Shards

Focusing its unfathomable rage, the Direbone creates whirling bone spirits that deal devastating damage to its enemies.

Shards of bone orbit the Direbone, dealing grievous damage.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Damage / 1 shard 65 67 70
Number of Shards 2 3 4
Mana Cost 200 250 300
Cooldown(s) 5 5 5
  • All stats are for maxed-out, level 3 skills.


Every 100 years the battle is fought and the bones of the dead and fallen litter the grounds beneath. It is from these charnel piles that a Direbone is born! Fueled by the crushing rage of defeat, Direbone dragons are revenants, cruel spirits who tear their way into our world from the place beyond for nothing but revenge.

Pure despair - a dread of the place that awaits the fallen and the certainty of the nothingness that is defeat - is the primary weapon of a Direbone. They literally engulf their victims in clouds of dread, an unholy mist of despair that lead many riders to leap from their saddles to avoid it.

They will stop at nothing to crush their enemies and erase the stain of their ignoble end. Theirs is a fury from beyond the grave!

Skins Edit

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