The Clock Out of Time



"Chronosphere creates a bubble of warped time around the dragonlord, granting increased speed for all allies within range."

Emits a quickening aura around the user which speeds up the movement speed by 25% and halves the cooldown of basic attacks. All allies within an area around the user will also gain the same benefit.

LightningStrike Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Range 140 140 140
Duration (s) 5 5 5
Movement Speed (+%) 20 30 40
Attack Speed (+%) 25 54 82
Mana Cost 90 125 160
Cooldown(s) 20 20 20

Time Rift

"Chronosphere rips time asunder, opening a portal to the apocalypse at the end of time and capturing all trapped within a bubble of slowed time."

The user conjure up a large bubble which slows the time of all dragon that entered the bubble. All movement speed and basic attack cooldowns are slowed up to 50% while greatly halting any long-ranged projectiles that enters or was released within it.

ElectricCharge Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Rift Area 80 80 80
Time Slow (-%) 90 90 90
Duration (s) 2 2.5 3
Mana Cost 100 90 80
Cooldown(s) 30 27 24


From the perspective of a Dragonlord, the battle between Hyperion and Asteroth is an eternal one, but some day, this contest will come to an end. The compact that allows one god or the other to rule for a single century will be broken, inevitably leading to the apocalyptic Final Battle. Seers, Sages and Oracles across the lands have seen glimpses of it, when the veil is peeled back and the future becomes clear, and in every case they have gone mad trying to live with what they have seen.

Their visions always speak of a fiery landscape, the burning sky alight with beasts of brass throwing the might of the very heavens at each other. Beneath them, the castles and villages of humanity are smashed and broken, buried beneath the bleached bones of the countless fallen. It is from this time that the Chronosphere hails. In their visions it is always held aloft by the rider of a brass dragon. It is the last thing these prophets see in their visions as all is obliterated in harsh white light and the visions end. Who this rider is who wielded the Chronosphere is unknown and how such a seemingly simple device - a clock to track the time - came to possess its power is equally mysterious, but what is known is that the Chronosphere has turned the tide of battle in its wielder's favor since it first appeared here in its own past.

The first to wield the Chronosphere was the Runesmith, Grilk. The misshapen dwarf called it a Clock out of Time and was unable to decipher how its complicated mechanisms could manipulate time. In fact, more often than not the dwarf used its power to bend time, not as a means to turn the tide of battle, but as a tavern trick to earn free mead. It's said that Grilk lost the clock in a wager and that is how the first Rider came to own it. Since that time, it has changed hands only when its owner was taken by surprise, before this remarkable clock could be used.

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