Astaroth's Guard

Avatars are the Dragon Riders or Dragon Lords (AKA Your character) that ride along with your Dragon. They come in many shapes and forms but have no actual Effects on you or your Dragon. 

Types Edit

Each Avatar has its own specialty but also is Ranked.

Rank 0
  • Basic Dragon Lord

The standard robes awarded to any new Dragon Lord (Free at the start of game)

Rank 1
  • Cinderfang Inferno Rider

The Inferno Riders, known for their ferocity, and feared throughout the lands. (Costs 6 DB's)

  • Sunspar Queens Guard

Protectors of the Tomb Sunspar Queen, these fierce Dragon Lords can survive in any conditions, perfect for battles above. (Costs 6 DB's)

Rank 2 (Special)
  • Astaroth's Guard

Fight as an elite member of Astaroth's most deadly and trusted militia. The sight of Guard alone often can sway a battle. (Costs 25 DB's)

  • Hyperions Command

Few had the honor to be part of Hyperion's hand picked Command and wear his custom regalia. (Costs 25 DB's)

  • Phantom Pirate of the Pale Isles

A ghostly city of shattered ships adorns the ragged shores of the Pale Isles. Their long-dead crews linger on as terrors known to pillage even the Eternal Lands. (Costs 25 DB's)

Rank 3 (Ultimate)
  • None have been released yet but have been hinted.

Expect Stat boosts but costly prices.

Rank 4 (Earned)

After each season the top 100 players are rewarded with an avatar. There have been 3 seasons and 3 avatars released in this fashion; Beta season, season 1, season 2.

Images Edit

Country avatars

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