Act 2 Edit

The Adventure continues with Act II - Magekeep. Discover the hidden darkness that has corrupted the magical halls of the great Axiom and save Magekeep from the terrors within.

Act II Magekeep01:13

Act II Magekeep

Act 3 Edit

The Dark One has fled Magekeep and threatens the natives of The Island Empire. Once vigilant and strong, the Island Empire produced some of the most fearsome and respected warriors in the Eternal Lands. Internal strife and constant siege from the lawless pirates have reduced the once mighty empire to a shadow of its former glory… the perfect setting for a hostile takeover. Dragon Lord, there is none but you who can stand against the Dark One. Urdun calls on you once more to stop these dastardly plans and restore peace to The Island Empire. Make haste, for the shadows and darkness grow stronger with each passing day. The Empire has pledged to bestow upon you the dragon of their lands, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Warrior in exchange for your heroism.

Dragons and Titans - Act 301:13

Dragons and Titans - Act 3

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